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If you can’t drive your severely damaged car due to unexpected circumstances shouldn’t be taken lightly. You must immediately call a tow truck to come and take you to your car’s service center. But call Mink Towing & Recycling for a high-quality professional towing service. We are in Tacoma, WA, and we offer a professional roadside assistance service to car owners in the area. Book an appointment with us today!

Does my car need a tow truck?

You’ll know that your car needs professional towing assistance if it’s severely damaged and can no longer be driven. If the engine is destroyed and won’t turn on, if you hear a weird noise when you turn the ignition, or if your car battery has died, call to ask for help immediately. Don’t worry! Our team will come to you, regardless of whether you’re stranded on the roadside or elsewhere. We’ll tow your car to your preferred local service center.

What are the towing services that we can offer?

Some of our customers call us for towing as well as roadside assistance. Others need help with towing their cars to the nearest auto shop. Regardless of what you need us for, we have the appropriate equipment and expertise to perform the job. We have a large tow truck that’s well-maintained, and we use it to rescue car owners in need. We can tow your car even if it has no gas or if it’s in the middle of a busy road. We can bring your vehicle to your preferred local auto shop.

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Act now and call Mink Towing & Recycling in Tacoma, WA at (253) 397-9100 to schedule an appointment and book our reliable roadside assistance service for your towing needs. We hope to hear from you soon! We can help you in any way! Call us now!

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