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Reliable Junk Car in Tacoma, WA If you are looking for a company in Tacoma, WA that provides junk car removal, debris hauling, and towing services, your search is over. Over the years, we have always been one of the preferred options for the local residents. Allow us to prove it by reaching us today!

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Allow us to say a few sentences about the things Mink Towing & Recycling can do for you:


  • Towing – if your car has suffered an engine or transmission breakdown, it is inoperable. That is why you should contact a company that provides professional and prompt towing service. This way, it is indisputable that your vehicle will be taken care of by true experts. So, instead of trying to repair it on your own and causing bigger mess, contact our tow company today.

  • Junk car removal – are you in need of a company that can properly and quickly remove an old vehicle from your yard? We are the right choice for you then. Since we possess great experience in hauling scrap metal and removing junk cars for Tacoma, WA residents, we are confident to call ourselves the reliable option for you.

  • Roadside assistance service – even though we don’t have the equipment to provide you with big repairs of some kind, we can fix everything small. So, if you need help for the replacement of your tire or anything related to the car lighting, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

  • Hauling of scrap metal or demolition debris – if there is debris or scrap metal in your yard that should be removed, Mink Towing & Recycling is the local company for the job. Since we possess a professional tow truck, it is indisputable that the unneeded items will be removed quickly and properly.



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