Calling a Roadside Assistance Service if You Have a Flat Tire

Most Common Causes of a Flat Tire

Nothing is more frustrating than getting behind the wheel and having your commute cut short due to a flat tire. Most of the time, it is not even the driver’s fault that the tire went flat. What are some possible explanations for this? Whether your tire is flat due to the causes mentioned earlier disrupts a person’s entire day. It’s a good thing that services exist to assist with any of those roadside needs. Continue reading to learn more about how a roadside assistance service may assist you when you’re in a jam, such as when your tire suddenly flattens.

Here are some reasons why your tire gets flat:

Wear and Tear Causes Flat Tires

When fresh, the normal tire has a mileage range of fifty to eighty thousand kilometers.

The tire becomes worn around the seams and seals due to normal wear and tear. Tires should be replaced every thirty thousand miles or such.

Tires that are not rotated regularly (every other oil change or every 75 hundred miles, whichever comes first) can wear out faster than typical around the seam areas. This can result in abnormal wear patterns on the tires and make them more prone to flats for various reasons.

The Valve Stem Is Leaking or Not Properly Installed

The valve within the stem can become loose and begin to leak air. A valve tool can be used to remove and replace the valve. Typically, valve stems only need to be changed if they are broken.

The most typical causes of valve stem deterioration are weather and road conditions. If the tire requires air regularly, the valve inside the stem may become loose and must be tightened with a valve tool. A tire shop will need to replace the stem if it is damaged.

The Tire Is Not Properly Inflated

Tire pressure is vital for gas mileage and ensuring that the tire has enough air to withstand road conditions and carry the vehicle’s weight.

If the tires are not correctly inflated, the seams will rub against each other, causing damage to the tires and resulting in a flat.

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